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    Ball Marquetry Box

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    11 cm (d)

    Expertly crafted from reclaimed rainforest wood, this spherical wooden box showcases medieval marquetry with an Amazonian twist.

    Our Ball Marquetry Box is a true testament to Amazonian craftsmanship, born from the unique climate of the rainforest. During the Amazonian winter – from December to June – when heavy rains bring down numerous trees, local artisans like the Cordeiro Family transform reclaimed rainforest wood into exquisite marquetry pieces. Combining up to twenty different wood varieties, they create stunning geometric patterns by blending colours and textures. By choosing one of these one-of-a-kind handmade marquetry boxes, you bring home a piece of Amazonian artistry while supporting the eco-conscious use of this precious wood.

    Woodwork created by the Cordeiro Family using marquetry – an art form with medieval roots.

    Made in Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

    Process: block marquetry

    Care: Wipe with a damp cloth. Moisturise with furniture polish (recommended).

    Material: Amazon Rainforest wood

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