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    Uambé Fruit Basket Co-created by Designer Sergio Matos

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    42 cm (l) x 34 cm (w) x 9.5 cm (h)

    Unique handcrafted centrepiece fruit basket created by Indigenous Baniwa artisans, embodying generations of Amazonian craftsmanship.

    For Indigenous ethnicities like the Baniwa, the art of crafting baskets is a fundamental survival skill deeply interwoven into their daily lives. This rich tradition, passed down through generations, encompasses everything from sourcing raw materials to natural dyeing, intricate weaving, and design.

    Our Uambé Fruit Basket, crafted from local Tucum fiber, stands as a testament to the collaborative effort between Indigenous artisans and designer Sergio Matos. His impactful work directly connects with traditional riverside artisan communities, revealing a profound link between handmade objects, people's stories, and the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

    Handcrafted by the Baniwa Indigenous Community in the Amazon, Brazil.

    Process: Basket weaving

    Care: Wipe with dry cloth

    Material: Tucum natural fibre

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