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    Capeba Organic Latex Trivet, Dark Green

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    approximately 20 cm (d)

    Striking nature-inspired latex trivet handcrafted by Amazonian communities in a unique blend of contemporary technology and ancestral knowledge.

    These remarkable pieces connect you to the heart of the rainforest. Crafted from a unique blend of Amazonian latex and açai fibres, they are the result of two decades of scientific research combined with Indigenous ancestral wisdom. Their design draws inspiration from the intricate patterns, shapes, textures and colours found in the leaves of the Amazon forest, among them the Cabepa leaf, bringing the beauty and innovation of the rainforest to your dining table.

    Handcrafted by traditional and indigenous communities of residents from the Brazilian Amazon

    Process: What sets these products apart is the innovative process that transforms the latex naturally, without the need of electricity or machinery. They are a testament to sustainable craftsmanship, minimising environmental impact and preserving traditional practices.

    Care: Wash with water and neutral soap. Moisturise it with vegetable wax (recommended) .

    Material: Amazonian latex

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