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    Handmade "Filé" Lace Tablecloth, Natural

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    270cm (l) x 150cm (w)

    One-of-a-kind tablecloth meticulously handcrafted by skilled women weavers from Northeastern Brazil using natural cotton fibre and finished with a braided touch.

    Step into a world of artisanal elegance with this exquisite tablecloth, where “filé” lace – a centuries-old decorative netting technique – delicately weaves intricate patterns onto a grid-like canvas. As the grid's size expands, so does the intricacy of each piece, resulting in a timeless design with roots tracing back to 16th-century Italy and Spain. Crafted over the course of one month, this tablecloth is a labour of love, a true handmade masterpiece that embodies the artistry and heritage of filet lace craftsmanship.

    State of Alagoas, in Northeast Brazil

    Process: “Filé” lace

    Care: Dry clean

    Material: Cotton natural fibre

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