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    Jaguar Stool by Indigenous Artist Apahu Waurá

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    79 cm x 26 cm x 23 cm

    Celebrating both the everyday and the ritualistic, these Indigenous stools take center stage in Brazilian artisanal design.

    These iconic Brazilian Indigenous stools are expertly handcrafted by the Wauja community, residing in the Upper-Xingu region in Northern Brazil. Skillfully carved from a single piece of wood, each stool embodies the shapes of Brazilian fauna, mythical beings, or intricate geometric patterns. Adorned with captivating designs inspired by dreams and transcendental visions, these stools stand as a testament to both Indigenous cosmology and contemporary artistry.

    Upper-Xingu region in Northern Brazil

    Each stool begins with the careful selection of fallen wood, transformed into unique functional works of art. Sculpted from a single, unbroken piece of wood, these stools – known locally as xepí – are not just seats; they are markers of social significance, blending tradition with contemporary beauty. The natural pigments used for painting are also sourced directly from the rainforest.

    Process: Carving and painting

    Care: Clean with dry cloth

    Material: Wood

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