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    Carved Gourd 1, Mekrãgnoti Ethnicity

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    18 cm (d) x 10 cm (h). Note slight variations in size may occur due to nature of this product. raw material.

    Hand-carved Indigenous gourds, uniquely crafted with abstract patterns. These versatile creations can be displayed as wall art, used as decorative bowls, or showcased as ornaments, bringing a touch of Indigenous artistry to your space.

    Explore the world of Kayapó Indigenous craftsmanship, with these unique gourds. Traditionally used for storing water and beverages, they hold deep cultural significance and serve as both utilitarian tools and intricate works of art, inspired by the surrounding natural world. The Kayapó Mekrãgnoti people maintain a sustainable relationship with their environment, harmoniously utilizing forest resources to create their art. Their traditional crafting techniques have been passed down through generations, reflecting their profound connection to nature and commitment to preserving their heritage.

    Northern Brazil, between the states of Pará and Mato Grosso

    Processo: Carving

    Cuidado: Wipe with a damp cloth

    Material: Natural gourd

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