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    "Asa Branca" Woodcut Print by J. Borges, Signed By The Artist, Pink

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    24 cm (w) x 33 cm (h) (frame not included)

    Original woodcut wall art on paper, handcrafted and signed by renowned Brazilian artist J. Borges

    If you're in search of exquisite handmade decor that breathes life and charm into your space, look no further than this beautiful woodcut print by the renowned Brazilian artist, J. Borges. Known as “xilogravura” in Portuguese, woodcut is a masterful art form that involves the meticulous carving of intricate designs into wood using a pointed tool. Born in Bezerros, Pernambuco – a state in Northeastern Brazil – J. Borges is celebrated for his artistic prowess and his contributions to the preservation of popular woodcut printing.
    His works often depict scenes of everyday life, cultural elements, and landscapes from the Pernambuco hinterlands, where he lives. Radiating both vintage allure and a contemporary touch, this woodcut print complements a variety of styles, adding a sense of timelessness to your living space – a perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of authentic craftsmanship.

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    Please note that slight variations in color and design may occur due to the handmade nature of this product.

    J. Borges, born José Francisco Borges, is a celebrated Brazilian artist renowned for his mastery of woodcut printing. Originally from Bezerros in the state of Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil, J. Borges is widely acclaimed for his artistic prowess and his vital role in preserving the tradition of popular woodcut printing. His artistic style is defined by bold lines, vibrant colors, and an unwavering connection to the rich traditions and rural life of the Pernambuco Hinterlands.

    This product is certified by the Brazilian National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN). To receive a digital copy of the IPHAN certificate (in Portuguese), please email:

    J. Borges draws directly on wood, skilfully balancing solid and void spaces without the need for preliminary sketches or drafts. His artistic process begins with the title, which guides the creation of each drawing, giving life to the vivid narratives often found in Brazilian "cordel" literature. In woodcut, the matrix background is carved around the figure, allowing for the application of ink. The result is a vividly coloured or black image set against a pristine white backdrop. Borges’ designs do not adhere strictly to perspective or proportion, making them stand out for their unique blend of originality, irreverence, and the presence of whimsical, imaginary characters.

    Process: Woodcut
    Care: Wipe with a dry cloth
    Material: 180g printed paper Print on 180g paper
    Woodcut, a technique with historical roots in Portuguese medieval culture, developed a distinct character In Brazil. It is strongly linked with "cordel”, a popular form of literature disseminated in affordable booklets or pamphlets containing folk novels, poems, and songs. These literary treasures are produced and sold in street markets and by itinerant vendors across Brazil.

    In the mid-1970s, J. Borges gained prominence among intellectuals and artists. With the support of influential figures like the esteemed Brazilian writer Ariano Suassuna, J. Borges expanded his artistic reach well beyond Brazilian borders, participating in international exhibitions and events. In 2002, he was selected to contribute to the United Nations' annual calendar. J. Borges also holds the esteemed title of Living Heritage of Pernambuco, a testament to his profound impact on the cultural legacy of the region.

    Certification Included – When you purchase this product, you receive a certificate from the Brazilian National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), officially recognising this object as part of Brazil’s intangible cultural heritage.

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