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    "Kuyū" Extra Large Basket 4, Mehinaku Ethnicity

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    44 cm (l) x 51.5 cm (w) x 24 cm (h)

    Vibrant handwoven baskets crafted by talented Mehinaku Indigenous women artisans, using Buriti natural fibre and cotton line.

    Discover our "Kuyū" baskets, a blend of vibrant colours, intricate designs and indigenous craftsmanship. Handwoven by Mehinako Indigenous women artisans, these baskets are skillfully crafted from a local Buriti natural fibre and coloured cotton. Traditionally used for fishing, today they offer versatile storage solutions or eye-catching decorative wall art, embodying Indigenous culture and eco-conscious craftsmanship.

    Please note that slight variations in color, design and size may occur due to the handmade nature of this product.

    Handcrafted by the Mehinaku, an Indigenous people residing in the Xingu Indigenous Territory in northern Brazil. The village, known as Kaupüna, was established in 2014 with only two families. Over the course of eight years, it has expanded to include 76 individuals from 13 families.

    Exclusively crafted by Indigenous women artisans, these baskets are intricately woven from Buriti palm leaves, harvested directly from the Buriti palm grove. After careful preparation and drying, the leaves are transformed into fine Buriti threads, which are skillfully woven to create these unique pieces.

    Process: Weaving

    Care: Wipe with dry cloth

    Material: Buriti natural fibre

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